Motorcycle Cargo Trailer Lettering

Here is some lettering I just clear coated on the motorcycle cargo trailer we will pull behind the Harley on our Long Ride North. This was all hand painted and gilded by yours truly. No computers were used or harmed in this project. I had planned to do something on the sides also but I just ran out of time. I think from the proper viewing distance and a little road grim it will look just fine.

Will carry our tent, sleeping bags, camp chairs, coffee pot, dry boxes with food and an ice chest on this little guy. We’ve already pulled it around for a couple of years and it tows really nice. Don’t even realize it’s back there.


Saturday we will celebrate Mother’s 90th birthday, finish packing that night and be ready to boogy early Sunday morning which just happens to be my 66th birthday and Father’s Day to boot. Stay tuned, there’s more to come. Thanks for stopping by and refreshments will be served later.

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  1. That is a pretty neat trailer for your motorcycle. I actually thought this was talking about a trailer that you could store your motorcycle in. This would be a good thing to have if you were going somewhere and didn’t need a lot or were only bringing you and another person. I think it would be nice to have this. could this also fit in a trailer?

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      Hi Zach,
      I tow this little trailer evrywhere when I travel, either with my wife on the back of the bike or solo. We camp alot so it’s pretty handy to haul our stuff in. Towed it all the way to Alaska and back last summer. I’m headed up into Northern British Columbia and maybe the Yukon by myself this summer and will take the trailer. I suppose it would fir into a cargo trailer with the motorcycle if it was a big enough trailer. Check out the post on the Alaska trip and you can see it in use. I think I’ve got some picks of it there.

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