Final Preparations Underway for the Long Ride North

We are currently in the middle of making our final preparations for our Long Ride North, a motorcycle adventure. we’ll be leaving a week from tomorrow. You can click here for some details. The short version is that we will be riding north into Canada, The Yukon and The Northwest Territories for 14 days. On the 15th day we will turn around and head home. I’d like to say welcome to all of the new subscribers to my website/blog. Thanks. The list for this odyssey seems to be growing unfortunately. Every time I cross something off I think of two things to add. It’s turning out not to be as simple as throwing a clean T-shirt in a sack and leaving. I suppose. Maybe that’s the attitude I should adopt however. It’s be a lot simpler. One of the features of this ride is to launch my “Artist On A Harley” promotion. I couldn’t resist it. I’ve decided to letter the little trailer we will be pulling. Since I will be painting on this trip it’ll be great exposure. Here is a hand drawn lettering design I just finished with a little old fashioned cut and paste.

  Here is a picture of the rear panel of the trailer. IMG_1921 Artist on a Harley will be in leafed in silver outlined and shadowed in a Fire Engine Red color and Mike Simpson and .com will be hand lettered in grey. Mike Simpson will also be outlined in Fire Engine Red. At least that’s the plan of the moment. The silver leaf for sure, since the lid and trim of the trailer is in aluminum diamond plate but color changes are always subject to change at the last moment. I have a similar layout for the side panels. It’ll be a struggle to get it all done in the next week with all of the other last minute stuff to do but I want to at least get the back panel done. I’ll work up the drawing layouts for the side panels tomorrow and try to get it started on the trailer Monday morning. We’ll see.

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  1. I know how long you have been planning this trip and I have a great feeling that your dream will come true. Enjoy the Long Ride North to the two of you!! Love you.

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