Blue Bonnets Found…Sort of


This was the best I could come up with. I took this in Johnson City yesterday evening. On a side note, Johnson City is the home town of LBJ. His ranch is near by.

I had planned on staying in Johnson City last night but by the time I got there, it was early enough that I pressed on to Marble Falls on up the road. I told the nice young lady behind the desk at the motel I stayed in that I was on a quest to find some blue bonnets to paint. She outlined a route through the nearby lake country for me to follow with assurances that there were blue bonnets there. There were some but not in the masses like I’ve seen photos of. Just some smatterings in the barrow ditches along side the road. I was quite disappointed and stopped again to inquire further. I was told that usually this is prime country for the blue bonnets but this year, due to the sever draught, they were somewhat lacking. I could see that the country was very dry. Oh well. Another year maybe.

It was sure a good thing that seeing Glenn and his family were also on the agenda as that was the most satisfying part of the whole trip. Plus I got to see my great grand sons…good grief that sounds like I’m really old. Cute boys.

Of course it was great to get out and see some new country and riding the Harley just gets better and better. That model bike is truly a dream to ride. I have encountered a bit of a glitch with the dash display electronics. Seems the display screen froze and the radio, GPS or none of the other functions are working. In fact it wouldn’t even turn off even with the key turned off. Consequently I put in a rather long day with just under 500 miles so I could get to Roswell, NM to the Harley dealer.I did try a couple of others on the way but they were closed on Monday. I disconnected the battery for the night and will stop by the dealer in the AM and see if they can reset the display for me. If not I’ll wait until I get home and take it up to the dealer in Grand Junction. In the meantime I picked up another GPS unit to use.

The route back to Montrose from here will depend upon the weather which I’ll check in the AM. Stay tuned

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