The Alamo


Glenn took me on a tour of downtown San Antonio yesterday. We first visited the Alamo and then walked on down to the famed “Riverwalk”.

The Alamo was quite impressive. It was very crowded unfortunately and made it difficult to really grasp the full impact of the place. It’s no wonder however, that Texans are so proud of their heritage. Well deserved I say. I took some video as well and when I get a chance I’ll post it all to youTube which I remembered is how I need to do link my video to the blog. I’ll try to work on that a bit later today perhaps.

The river walk was quite impressive also but much like walking the strip in Las Vegas.


After spending several days riding across the vast empty of New Mexico and West Texas, I was not at all used to all of these people and congestion. Glenn said it was probably a combination of the Easter weekend, the fact they were in the middle of a three week San Antionio Fiesta celebration and that it was the start of tourist season was the reason it was so crowded. My lucky day. We shuffled along and enjoyed the spectacle for several blocks and then bailed.

I can see where San Antonio has a very rich and colorful history. The architecture downtown was pretty cool. I would be really nice to come back and visit sometime when when it isn’t so crowded. But, then again, it is the big city and maybe that’s just something that has to be dealt with. It does bear at least further reading and investigation.

Today is Sunday. I’ll be leaving here this afternoon headed back. I decided to get out of here this afternoon as Glenn said the morning traffic is quite severe and it’d be mid-morning before I could leave if I waited. He leaves at 5:30 AM and he said it is starting to build even then. The plan is to get out of the metro area and find a motel for tonight. I’ve been doing some searching on the internet and hope to locate some blue bonnets tomorrow. I’ll keep you posted.

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