Hand Lettered Sign Work by Mike Simpson

These are some examples of the hand lettered signs  I do. This is a field that is dear to my heart. If you’ve followed along for very long you know I appreciate anything that is well made by hand. Snow shoes, canoes, violins, picture frames, motorcycles and hot rod cars to name a few. Hand work in signage ranks right up there at the top. Hand painted, gilded, glue chipped, sand blasted, carved, etc. You get the idea. I’ve had a recent client interested in this so I thought I should put together some examples of work that I’ve done. If you click on signs in the Categories options to the right of this page, it will bring up other posts with examples. Please feel free to call me with any requirements or interests you may have in my producing a piece for you or your business. Watkins   This is a glass door I hand  lettered earlier this spring. The address and the yellow line were already there, done in vinyl.   Ouray Alchemist   This is a piece that I did for the Ouray Alchemist. He brought me an old sign that had been lettered and wanted me to change the copy and colors but keep the old antiquy, hand lettered look to it. SK This is an example of a show card type of work I did for a fellow artist a few years ago.   Cactus Car Wash   If you live in the Montrose, Colorado area you are probably familiar with this one. I can’t claim any credit for the guitar player of the structure design, only the top double sided lettering. It is down at the South City Market if you’d like to go by and see it. I don’t remember who the sculpture was but we won an award from a Car Wash Industry magazine at the time. That one has been around for awhile.

Monogram S


This is an example of a combination of water gilded reverse glass monogram with bright and matte letter. All done by hand. These can be real popular as gifts for the special person.




The above is an example of a water gilded reverse glass piece. It’s hard to photograph the bright sheen of the gold because the camera doesn’t like to focus on it.


Below is a popular transom window address done in reverse on the glass with 23 kt gold.


transom 324


So there ya go folks. If you see something that would be of interest to you let me know. Don’t forget to click on the “signs” or “glass gilding” categories to the right for a few more examples.

Thanks for tuning in and I’ll catch you later.

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