Old Hippies

Many of us come from an era in societies history when “hippies” were the new outrage. Ah yes, the 60’s. Well some haven’t outgrown the genre. I just finished this piece for a client who still believes in Love, Peace and Happiness…Make Love, Not War…Flower Children, etc.

Prints and note cards are available from the world headquarters of Simpson Gallery here in Montrose, Colorado. Contact me if you are interested. Peace!

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  1. The summer of love was 50 years ago followed by Woodstock 2 years later. Following these huge events and cultural changes, I thought that we would have become more peace loving society more concerned for the well being of all people long before now, but it seems as if the US has not only failed to move forward, but has moved backwards into a more barbaric time. How could this have happened? Why did society learn nothing from the hippies? The incredible materialism and self absorption that has become so prevalent today is a huge factor in the unwillingness to be a caring society, however, could the old hippies (me included) have done more to teach and guide the younger generations? Did our distaste for materialism and selfishness cause us to isolate too much?
    I am so missing the 1960s.

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