Wild Weather in North Dakota

We’re getting some wild weather in North Dakota on our ride to the Boundary Waters of Minnesota. This is the first time I’ve had sufficient internet to post some photos. Traveling the hinterlands has it’s disadvantages and that’s one of them. The advantages however do outweigh that little inconvenience. It’s been a great ride, as they all are. Our first night …

2015 Simpson Gallery Makeover

I’ve spent the last to weeks or so making over the Simpson Gallery. Originally the front of the building was a gallery space with the framing samples and design counter in the middle of the building and the production area for framing in the back. In a weak moment I moved the design counters for framing up front along with …

On the Road Again

Here’s a video link that says it better than I can type. Enjoy. Wish you were here. http://youtu.be/st2qRbuWenM

Hummingbird Feeding Frenzy

This is a video of some hummingbirds that swarmed the feeder my sister-in-law Donna hung up outside their camper trailer while we were camping up in the Big Cimarron area of the Colorado mountains last weekend. These little guys seemed to be REALLY hungry. We sat and watched them that evening for an hour or more. Enjoy.